R&D positions at GN ReSound ("Muesch, Hannes (Redwood City)" )

Subject: R&D positions at GN ReSound
From:    "Muesch, Hannes (Redwood City)"  <HMuesch(at)GNRESOUND.COM>
Date:    Thu, 13 Apr 2000 08:55:05 -0700

Dear List, GN ReSound (www.gnresound.com), a Silicon-Valley-based company developing hearing aids and audiological test equipment, is expanding its R&D division. We are looking to fill immediately the positions of (1) a Hearing Scientist and (2) an Algorithm Developer. Job descriptions are given below. The successful candidates will be given the opportunity to develop and implement new ideas to advance our hearing aids and audiological test equipment. These positions are big in "R" and small in "D". Resumes, including a list of publications, should be sent to hmuesch(at)gnresound.com Sincerely, Hannes Muesch POSITION (1): Hearing Scientist in Research Department Qualifications The ideal candidate will have: -- a Ph.D. in a hearing-related field; -- familiarity with hearing loss and speech perception theory; -- experience in testing psychoacoustic abilities and speech understanding with human subjects, including hearing-impaired subjects; -- familiarity with standard audiometric equipment; -- good statistical analysis skills; -- familiarity with signal processing concepts; -- familiarity with mathematical descriptions of algorithms; -- good written and verbal communication skills. Responsibilities -- research new fitting-algorithm concepts for hearing aids; -- work with Audiology Research group and Software group to implement new fitting algorithms and modifications to algorithms; -- analyze experimental data for improvements to fitting algorithms; -- work with signal processing team to provide scientific basis for signal processing development; -- develop and improve subject testing procedures and systems; -- work with audiometric equipment developers to improve audiometric procedures; -- work with others in the R&D group to apply audiological expertise to product development. POSITION (2) Algorithm Research Requirements The ideal candidate will have the following: -- a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering, with a dissertation in signal processing; -- expertise in audio and speech signal processing; -- understanding of acoustics; -- strong capabilities in analytical mathematics, simulations and modeling; -- significant experience developing signal processing algorithms in Matlab; -- programming capabilities in C or C++; -- experience with electronic signal generation and measurement equipment; -- good written and verbal communication skills. Job Responsibilities -- Develop new and advanced signal processing algorithms for use in digital hearing aids -- Improve current signal processing algorithms -- Implement algorithms in Matlab and with real-time development systems. -- Monitor signal processing research developments in the industry and in related fields for potential use with our technology. -- Work with DSP programmers in Research Department to implement algorithms on the proprietary DSP chip. -- Work with clinical audiologists in Research Department to test algorithms with patients in field trials. -- Work with electroacoustic engineers in Research Department to analyze algorithm performance. -- Work with hearing scientists in Research Department to develop fitting algorithms corresponding to new signal processing algorithms. -- Work with university Electrical Engineering labs to assist in signal processing algorithm development.

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