front to rear reversals (Tim Cox )

Subject: front to rear reversals
From:    Tim Cox  <tcox(at)GEOPHY.CURTIN.EDU.AU>
Date:    Thu, 20 Jan 2000 10:28:33 +0800

Dear List, Thankyou for your informative responses. I guess I should have explained that I am only working with earphone responses, hence the "in head" placement of the reversed image. W. Martens response: For many observers a dry (non-reverberant) binaural recording of a frontally-positioned sound source will result in a spatial image that is located intracranially (inside the head)., was the affirmation I was after. It was this phenomenon that I was referring to. Intracranial image is more often than not perceived as being to the rear of the inside of the skull. I kept reading about front to rear reversals with headphones but my recordings with reversals exhibit localisation to laterisation rather than a localised reversed image. This whole topic of binaural recording and spatial sound seems to becoming somewhat of a buzzword in the entertainment industry. A very neat 3D package can be found at: The headphone mode seems impressive in the number of different sound it can effectively image to the front. The next version will also incorporate elevation controls.

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