Re: Mr Zhang (Bill Budd )

Subject: Re: Mr Zhang
From:    Bill Budd  <bill(at)PSY.UWA.EDU.AU>
Date:    Sun, 16 Jan 2000 14:11:01 +1100

Dear all, Apologies for adding to the noise here, but these messages being posted to the Auditory list by Mr Zhang are becoming a little curious. Initially I thought that the characters in the subject line must result from a translation from a chinese character set, however this doesn't seem to be the case since the header of the message shows a completely different character set from the subject line. (ie. =B7=A2=BC=FE=C8=CB=C8=D5=C6=DA= rather than =3D?gb2312?B? ). Since the characters in the subject line do not appear to b= e random and some sequences vary subtly from message to message I wonder if these messages may not be as pointless as they seem. It may be just paranoia but I seem to remember an instance of a computer virus (last century) that exploited a bug in some Microsoft software such as Outlook whereby a virus could be activated via code in very long subject lines.=20 This may not be the case but I would be most interested to hear comments or whether anyone using Outlook has experienced any difficulties with these messages. Regards Bill Budd At 23:08 15-01-00 +0800, Qiong Zhang wrote: >-----Original Message----- >=B7=A2=BC=FE=C8=CB: Automatic digest processor <LISTSERV(at)LISTS.MCGILL.CA> >=CA=D5=BC=FE=C8=CB: Recipients of AUDITORY digests= <AUDITORY(at)LISTS.MCGILL.CA> >=C8=D5=C6=DA: 2000=C4=EA1=D4=C215=C8=D5 13:06 >=D6=CC=E2: AUDITORY Digest - 12 Jan 2000 to 14 Jan 2000 (#2000-4) > > >>There are 2 messages totalling 46 lines in this issue. >> >>Topics of the day: >> >> 1. AUDITORY Digest - 6 Jan 2000 to 12 Jan 2000 (#2000-3) >> 2. Fw: Al Liberman (fwd) >> >>---------------------------------------------------------------------- >> >>Date: Fri, 14 Jan 2000 08:57:56 -0500 >>From: "Linda A. Seltzer" <lseltzer(at)PHOENIX.PRINCETON.EDU> >>Subject: Re: AUDITORY Digest - 6 Jan 2000 to 12 Jan 2000 (#2000-3) >> >>I would like to make a comment concerning "long standing experts" >>and young people with innovative ideas. I think this ignores the >>situation of women who often don't have the opportunity to start >>their academic pursuits at a young age. I am older than 45 and >>still working on my doctorate. I am not young, but still have >>innovative ideas. I don't have a long standing reputation because >>I haven't even had a chance to start yet, since I am just supporting >>myself and working on my doctorate when possible. So please don't >>forget us older ladies who are late bloomers who are finishing our >>doctorates in our 40's, 50's, 60's and even later. I have tons >>of original ideas and no funding to work on any of them. We can >>be just as innovative as young people. It's one's state of mind, >>not one's birth date. >> >>Linda >> >>------------------------------ >> >>Date: Fri, 14 Jan 2000 16:35:52 -0500 >>From: Al Bregman <bregman(at)HEBB.PSYCH.MCGILL.CA> >>Subject: Fw: Al Liberman (fwd) >> >>> >>> ---------- Forwarded message ---------- >>> Date: Fri, 14 Jan 2000 13:46:30 -0500 >>> From: Philip Rubin <rubin(at)> >>> To: rubin(at) >>> Subject: Al Liberman >>> >>> Our dear friend and colleague, Al Liberman, passed away today, Friday, >>> January 14, 2000. There will be a private funeral on Sunday, January= 16, > >>> 2000 for the immediate family only. A memorial service will be held= with >>> a tentative date of Saturday, February 12, 2000. We will keep you >informed >>> as further details regarding the memorial service become available. >>> >>> >> >>------------------------------ >> >>End of AUDITORY Digest - 12 Jan 2000 to 14 Jan 2000 (#2000-4) >>*************************************************************

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