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>From:  UMEM::ADANESH       3-DEC-1996 11:54:21.93
>Subj:  Help
>       3-DEC-1996 11:43:01.99
>>Dear Colleagues;
>>   I am an audiology doctoral student working on a project in auditory
>    In order to make my auditory stimuli for the project, I will have a set of
>>speech stimuli and a set of non-speech noise stimuli.  These non-speech noise
>>stimuli have to be constructed based on my speech stimuli.  They must have the
>>spectral and intensity envelopes.  I am using CSL and ASL softwares to make my
>>noise stimuli.  Any suggestions regarding this matter?  And also how can I
>>simulate the periodicity seen in my speech stimuli ?  I have tried to intermix
> my preliminary constructed noise with sawtooth noise, however,
> the final result sounds more like a tone rather than a noise.
>>Any suggestion or references are really appreciated.
>>Ali Danesh
> adanesh@msuvx2.memphis.edu