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Re: film-music references

On Thursday November 29 Kevin Baker wrote:

can anyone help with references, not journal articles of traditionally
quantitative experiments, but rather of books and chapters covering what
film makers know and what they do, and also more of a cultural, semiotic
nature.  Is there a semitiotics of music??

For a non-quantatative review of film-music techniques I would recommend
two books:

-Karlin, F. & Wright, R. (1990).  On the track: A guide to contemporary
film scoring.  New York: Schirmer Booxs.

-Prendergast, R.M. (1991).  Film music: A neglected art (2nd ed).) New
York: W.W. Norton

A good journal reference is the Psychomusicology issue on film-music (Vol
13, 1994).

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