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I am looking for software (better if for PC) for organizing (automatizing)
pitch-matching experiment.
I'd like  to have a subject ADJUST frequency of the sinus wave in real time
for purposes of pitch matching with the signals which I can design using PC
sound editor.
More specifically, this is what I would like:  To have the subject listen to
the signal, then to have the signal switched off, and then to have the
subject listen to the sinus tone and adjust its frequency to match the
signals pitch.  Also, I would like the program to be able to repeat the
signal and have the subject match again, to registrate resulting sinus
frequency etc.

I would be grateful if anyone could give the proper recommendations.

Alexander Galembo
Alexander Galembo
Post-doctoral Fellow
Acoustics lab., Dept. of Psychology
Queen's University
Kingston, Ontario K7L3N6, Canada.
Tel. (613) 545-6000, ext. 5754
Fax (613)545-2499
E-mail: galembo@psyc.queensu.ca