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PLEASE POST- new postdocs and GRAs

                          IN MUSIC COGNITION
                         OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY

                        Postdoctoral Positions
                     Department of Psychology and
                            School of Music

    We are pleased to announce the initiation of an ongoing postdoctoral
program in music cognition.  The post-doctoral Music Cognition Fellowship
plan at The Ohio State University is designed to offer advanced research
training in music perception and cognition.  Two post-doctoral fellowships
are awarded annually, one in psychology and one in music.  The fellowship
is designed to further a candidate's training in research concerned with a
variety of aspects of music cognition (perception, performance, general
modeling, etc.).  This award is part of a larger program to enhance the
study of music cognition at The Ohio State University.  Accordingly, to
compete for the appropriate post-doctoral position, the candidate must
stipulate clearly whether the application concerns further training in the
Department of Psychology or in the School of Music at Ohio State.


Individuals who have held the doctorate for no more than seven years, and
who will possess the doctorate before the first day of the post-doctoral
fellowship tenure, are eligible to apply.  Applications from individuals
whose primary training is in neither music nor psychology are welcome with
the provision that their background fits well with relevant research
interests in music cognition at Ohio State.

In the  DEPARTMENT OF PSYCHOLOGY, fellows are eligible for reappointment
for a maximum up to 2-3 years of support; the norm will be a one-to-two
year appointment with three-year appointments awarded only in special

In the SCHOOL OF MUSIC, fellows are eligible for reappointment for a
maximum of two years of fellowship support; the norm will be a one-year
appointment with two-year appointments awarded only in special


The stipend paid by each Music Cognition Fellowship for a normal
twelve-month period is $25,000.  The fellowship typically commences the
first day of September of the award year, although special arrangements for
alternative appointment dates are possible.


Applications should be made in letter form (not to exceed three pages) by
the candidate.  This letter must include detailed information about the
candidate, the proposed OSU faculty sponsor (or sponsors) and specifics of
the research program that the candidate intends to pursue in collaboration
with the sponsor(s).  The letter should also clarify the candidate's
skills, credentials, and training as well as his/her professional goals.


Four copies of the letter of application and one copy of all other
supportive material must be received by the Fellowship Awards Committee by
the deadline date (see below).  The following items are to be supplied:

   Candidate's Application Letter (4 copies):  A three-page application
letter that includes
       -  a brief description of the candidate's background, training, and
recent scholarship;
       -  a research plan developed by the candidate that specifies a
project which combines
           the candidate's interests and skills with the expertise of a
proposed OSU sponsor (that
           is, the faculty member(s) with whom the candidate may most
closely affiliate);
       -  a specified starting date of appointment;
       -  a specific statement that the application is for the Music Cognition
           post-doctoral program in the Department of Psychology or the
School of  Music; and
       -  an indication of the desired tenure of the fellowship (12 or 24
months) (Note that
           reappointments differ for psychology and music fellowships, but
in both they are
           unusual and contingent on outstanding progress.)

   Supporting Documentation  (1 copy each):
       -  a complete curriculum vitae, including indication of special
awards, honors;
       -  an official grade transcript (sent by the university conferring
the doctorate)
           showing the award of a doctorate (or intended award date:  in
this case, an
           updated transcript must be submitted prior to appointment);
       -  reprints of refereed publications; and
       -  three letters of recommendation from persons outside The Ohio
State University


The Fellowship Awards Committee will begin its selection process on March
15 of the academic year preceding the fellowship appointment.  Applications
(four copies) and all supporting documentation should have arrived by that
date to insure full consideration by the committee. Please address all
materials to either:

Awards Committee Secretary                     Awards Committee Secretary
Psychology Post-Doctoral Plan                    Music Post-Doctoral Plan
School of Music, 110 Weigel Hall                 School of Music, 110
Weigel Hall
1866 North College Road                             1866 North College Road
The Ohio State University                           The Ohio State University
Columbus, Ohio  43210-1170                      Columbus, Ohio 43210-1170


     We are also pleased to announce financial support for a
graduate student research assistantship (GRA), for a student who
seeks training in the OSU cognitive psychology PhD program with a
specialization in music cognition. This award includes a 9-month
stipend, with additional summer funding negotiable. Stipend amounts
are commensurate with advancement in the PhD program (ranging from
approximately $900-1200/month), and include a tuition and
fee waiver. GRA appointments range from one to four years,
depending on the qualifications of the candidate.


     Candidates should apply to the cognitive psychology program
through the Psychology Dept. Application materials may be requested

     Sandra Daly, Graduate Admissions Office
     Psychology Dept, Ohio State University
     123 Townshend Hall
     1885 Neil Ave
     Columbus OH 43210

or by consulting the Graduate Admissions information in the
Psychology Dept web site address: /http/psycho.psy.ohio-

     Candidates should specify in their Statement of Research
Interests (part of the application materials) an interest in the
Music Cognition Graduate Research Assistantship. Candidates should
also emphasize the match of their research interests with those of
faculty at Ohio State in their Statement of Research Interests.
Awards will be based on merit (GRE and GPA information that must
accompany the application) as well as match to faculty interests.
Information on faculty in music cognition or in the cognitive
psychology area can be obtained at
or through the Center for Cognitive Science at

     Deadline for application to Ohio State University graduate
programs with full consideration for financial aid is Jan 15, 1997.