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Post-docs available at Ohio State

Dear List -

I was sent the following announcement of two post-docs at Ohio
State University by Rob Fox, chair of Speech and Hearing Science.


------- Forwarded Message
Date: Mon, 7 Oct 1996 10:15:59 -0400 (EDT)
From: fox.2@osu.edu (Robert Allen Fox)
Subject: Post-doc announcement

Postdoctoral Traineeships Available
Multidisciplinary Program in Speech and Hearing Science
Department of Speech and Hearing Science
Ohio State University

Two Postdoctoral Research Training Fellowships (National Institutional
Research Service Award Fellowships) for PhDs or MDs are available (one
immediately; a second on 1 July 1997).  These postdoctoral traineeships
provide an opportunity to pursue focused research (either basic research or
clinical research) in one of five areas of concentration within the
discipline of speech and hearing science including speech production,
speech processing, psychoacoustics, speech perception, and speech-language
development.  Emphasis of this training program is on cross-disciplinary
research.  The training faculty come from many different departments
including the Departments of Speech and Hearing Science (Robert Fox,
Lawrence Feth, Jan Weisenberger, Osamu Fujimura, Marios Fourakis, Jan
Edwards, Jessica Harris, Michael Trudeau), Linguistics (Mary Beckman, Keith
Johnson), Psychology (Mari Jones, Neal Johnson, Caroline Palmer, Mark Pitt,
Julie Boland), Otolaryngology (Kamran Barin, Tom DeMaria), Electrical
Engineering (Ashok Krishnamurthy, Stan Ahalt, Randy Moses), Zoology
(William Masters, Susan Volman), Mechanical Engineering (Mardi Hastings),
and Wright-Patterson AFB (Tim Anderson).  Potential trainees should have a
doctorate and be a U.S. citizen or have permanent residence status.
Traineeships will be awarded for a minimum of two years and a maximum of
three years.  Support will include a stipend, moving expenses, medical
insurance, travel, and other training-related expenses.  Interested
individuals should submit inquiries and vitae along with a list of
references to Dr. Robert Allen Fox, Chair, Department of Speech and Hearing
Science, 110 Pressey Hall, 1070 Carmack Rd.,  Columbus OH  43210-1002
(614-292-1628; fox.2@osu.edu).

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