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pitch algorithms

Dear list,

I've just received a newly debugged version of the pitch algorithm of
Terhardt, Stoll & Seewann (JASA 1982), implemented in C, from Claus Ruecker,
rue@mmk.e-technik.tu-muenchen.de. I can forward it to anyone who needs it.

Which reminds me - are implementations available of other pitch models that
take spectral rather than temporal input? I would like to be able to enter
the frequency, SPL and (perhaps) phase of each of several components of a
steady-state sound (rather than a sampled waveform) and get predicted
pitch(es) at the output.

Richard Parncutt, Lecturer in Psychology of Music and Psychoacoustics,
Unit for the Study of Musical Skill and Development, Keele University.
Post: Dept of Psychology, Keele University, Staffordshire ST5 5BG, GB.
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