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Re: seeking waveform editor for PC compatibles

I recieved several helpful replies to the query I posted a few days

> Can someone suggest a good waveform editor, public domain or commercial,
> for a PC-compatable computer running MS-Windows 3.1, which meets the
> following requirements:

...and a few people have asked that I post a summary.  In lieu of that,
I am taking all the responses I have gotten and put them on a
WWW-accessible file for anyone to look at.  Its URL is:


A few warnings:  the ordering of the mailings is somewhat haphazard, and
I have done no editing of them, e.g. all the long email headers are
included, plus all the many emails that all said the same thing
(namely, to get CoolEdit)!  I will continue to add responses as they come in.

- Greg Sandell

Gregory J. Sandell, Research Associate, sandell@sparky.parmly.luc.edu
Parmly Hearing Institute, Loyola University Chicago
6525 N. Sheridan Chicago IL 60626 USA voice:312-508-3976 FAX:312-508-2719
WWW: http://www.parmly.luc.edu/sandell/