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seeking waveform editor for PC compatibles

Can someone suggest a good waveform editor, public domain or commercial,
for a PC-compatable computer running MS-Windows 3.1, which meets the
following requirements:

* Can read and write WAV, Sun/NeXT, aiff and mu-law file formats
* 8- or 16-bits, variety of sampling rates (8,10,22.05 and 44.1 kHz)
* Signal editing window with cut and paste
* Ability to scale samples (e.g. normalize, attenuate 3dB, etc.)
* Can be used as a helper app from a web browser (like Netscape)


Greg Sandell

Gregory J. Sandell, Research Associate, sandell@sparky.parmly.luc.edu
Parmly Hearing Institute, Loyola University Chicago
6525 N. Sheridan Chicago IL 60626 USA voice:312-508-3976 FAX:312-508-2719
WWW: http://www.parmly.luc.edu/sandell/