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David L. Woods: Postdoctoral position available immediately / admin

Dear List -

I was sent the following announcement of a postdoc by Prof. David Woods of
U.C. Davis, for distribution...

Also, please note that my correct email address is <dpwe@icsi.berkeley.edu>.
I just discovered that for the past couple of weeks the server has been
giving out an address with an extra 'P'.  Hopefully, this will soon be


------- Forwarded Message
Date: Wed, 17 Jul 1996 14:33:06 -0700
From: "David L. Woods" <dlwoods@marva4.ncsc.med.va.gov>
Subject: Postdoctoral position --- available immediately -- please post

                        Postdoctoral Position:
          Electrophysiological Studies of Speech Processing

A multi-year postdoctoral position is available immediately to study
auditory processing of speech using computer-based measures of
behavioral performance and concurrent high-density recording of human
brain electrical activity (EEG and event-related potentials).
Paradigms include auditory selective attention and passive listening
conditions.  Studies are performed on normal subjects, patients with
peripheral hearing disorders, and patients with focal brain lesions.
The laboratory is located about 20 miles east of Berkeley, CA, and is
affiliated with the Department of Neurology at UC Davis and the UC
Davis Center for Neuroscience.

Salary: $25-28k, based on experience.

Prerequisites.  PhD in neurosciences, psychology or related
disciplines.  Experience with UNIX and/or PC computers.  Experience in
speech perception and/or speech synthesis desirable.

For further information please contact:

        E. William Yund, Ph.D.
        Research Service (151)
        150 Muir Rd.
        Martinez, CA 94553

        TEL: (510) 372-2296;
        FAX: (510) 229-2315;
        email: yund@marva4.nscs.med.va.gov


        David L. Woods, Ph.D.
        Professor of Neurology, UC Davis
        Neurology Service (127)
        NCSC, 150 Muir Rd.
        Martinez, CA 94553

        TEL: (510) 372-2571
        FAX: (510) 229-2315
        LAB: (510) 372-2538
        email: dlwoods@ucdavis.edu

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