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Software for psychoacoustical experiments ?


I have written a program to run psycholinguistic experiments
on PC-DOS machines. It provides a BASIC-like language which,
among other things, possesses functions to play sound files
(.wav,.pcm...), and to record manual responses.
It even allows for the real-time mixing of several files,
or portions of files. As it is a programming language (with variables,
conditionnal instructions...), it is perfectly possible
to use it to program an adaptative procedure.

An article describing the program and the program itself
(for DOS) can be found at the URL:

 - The description is available as an html version
     of the article describing "Expe" (see section "Some articles...").

 - The program is available by clicking on "EXPE51"
     in the section "Some software...".

Let me know if you have any problem to download and/or
install the soft.

This program has several interesting features: for example,
the serial or parallel ports can be programmed to communicate
with another machine (it has been used to control a VCR,
send synchro to a MAC or to an EEG-recording device).
Also, the user can easily extend the language by linking
his own  code (as Borland Pascal units)
to the program.

Probably, the main drawback is that it is currently compatible
only with sound boards for which a BLISS driver exists
(BLISS is a system designed by J. Mertus at Brown). I have
been using a Media Vision Pro Audio Spectrum 16 for two years
and am quite happy with it. Somebody with detailed knowledge
of his sound board drivers may be able to interface it with
my program (only a few entry-points for some low-level
functions are necessary). I am ready to provide help on this.

Christophe Pallier
Rutgers University Center for Cognitive Science,