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Software for psychoacoustical experiments ?

Dear List !

I am going to run some experiments with hearing impaired subjects, in
which the stimuli consist on the one hand of synthetic, real time-generated
signals like noise bands, and, on the other hand of stored signals.
Since the experimental tasks are too complex to run them without computer
control (they are adaptive prozedures), I have to write control
programs, which communicate with the signal processor of our work
station and the library of stored sounds.
(the stored signals are stored in Windows-Wave format.)

I want to ask if there exist available program tools for the design
of such control programs or, if not,  if you can describe me how you manage
the programming of your experimental prozedures.

I  would be appreciated by your answer,

Bernhard Laback
Neubaug. 27/33
email: a7321nam@pcserv.univie.ac.at