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Software for psychoacoustic experiments

I would like to tack on a question to Bernhard Laback's question about
software for psychoacoustic experiments. I am interested in something
similar, but it should run on a Macintosh. Is there software available
that can play audio files in various orders and timings, that can
randomize orders, that has an attenuator that can be controlled by a listener
on-line (e.g., in a loudness matching task), that can collect and store
keyboard responses and measure reaction times, and that also can generate
noises and complex tones? Basically, I am looking for audio (synthesis and)
sequencing software with the flexibility of MAX, but for audio rather than
MIDI files. Does anything like this exist?

Bruno H. Repp
Haskins Laboratories
270 Crown Street
New Haven, CT 06511-6695

e-mail: repp@haskins.yale.edu