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On Lynux sound support...

At my lab we are used to working with SGI machines, as well as with
PC's. Unix machines are very stable and more understandable on
account of its C-like codes. For a long time now I have been
considering installing Lynux on my PC, but lack of audio support
disencouraged me...

All this activity around Lynux ignited me to reply asking for an
important issue: which sound cards are supported under a Lynux
running on a PC?  I have quickly navigated through some of the
links that were posted here, and couldn't find accurate info
clearing this up!  It seems that Lynux, although more stable
than Win 3.1 or 3.11, can't offer much to those working with
musical production.

Any contrary evidence, please let me know.

LSI - Integrated Systems Laboratory
Computer Music Group
University of Sao Paulo