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Re: unsolicited abstracts etc.

I agree with you, Karen.  People seem pretty up tight these days about
being forced to use the delete command.  My "save rate" from the auditory
list is about 1:4, but the value of the occasional hits justify the ccost
of the rejections....

Chuck Watson

On Wed, 22 May 1996, Karen McComas wrote:

> As long as folks continue to indicate the content of their messages in
> their subject lines, I see no problem with the abstracts...to save
> bandwidth, folks might want to consider including the url, instead of the
> full text and an email address where one could write to get a copy via
> email if ther eis no access to the web (however, they may generate more
> mailings than the abstracts themselves...since many people use the reply
> key for every response they generate to a mass mailing).
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