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Speech & Hearing Post Doc @ Sussex

          Post Doc Position at Sussex in Speech & Hearing

A post-doctoral research assistantship is available:

     for 3 years from around October 1996

     at the Laboratory of Experimental Psychology, University of Sussex

     to work with Chris Darwin

     on vowel and formant perception.

Salary will be according to age and experience, but will probably be initially
no more than 18985 pounds Stg on the RA1A scale.

For more details try: http://epunix.biols.susx.ac.uk/Home/Chris_Darwin/

Enquiries to:

Professor C J Darwin
Laboratory of Experimental Psychology
School of Biological Sciences
University of Sussex
Falmer, Brighton BN1 9QG

Email: C.J.Darwin@biols.susx.ac.uk
Phone:+44 1273 678409
Fax:+44 1273 678433