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Re: Directional microphone

>        Is  it  possible  to  simulate  the  effect of a highly directional
>microphone  using an array of two or more omni-directional microphones ?  I
>suspect  that  this could be done by using a simple time-delay filter,but I
>am not sure how...
>        Any ideas or pointers ?

Yes, it is.
See, for example,

P.L. Chu, "Desktop Mic Array for Teleconferencing," Proc.
  ICASSP-95, Vol. 5, pp. 2999-3002, 1995,

M.S. Brandstein, J.E. Adcock, and H.F. Silverman, "A Closed-Form
  Method for Finding Source Locations from Microphone-Array
  Time-Delay Estimates," Proc. ICASSP-95, Vol. 5, pp. 3019-3022, 1995,

and references cited therein.

  -les  niles@parc.xerox.com