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please post

Dear Colleagues,

Please post as appropriate.  Note the due date for
paper summaries is May 20, 1996.

Thank you,
Beth Wenzel

                 REVISED CALL FOR PAPERS

                  NOTE CHANGE IN VENUE!

                       ICAD '96:

                      The Third

        Palo Alto, California November 4-6, 1996

                    Co-sponsored by
                  Santa Fe Institute
                      Xerox PARC

Continuing the work of the successful ICAD '92 and '94
meetings, ICAD '96 will be held November 4-6, 1996 in Palo
Alto, California, USA. ICAD is a forum for presenting
research on the use of sound to display data, monitor
systems, and provide enhanced user interfaces for computers
and virtual reality systems. It is unique in its singular
focus on auditory displays, and the array of perception,
technology, and application areas that these encompass. Like
its predecessors, ICAD '96 will be a single-track
conference. Attendance is open to all, with no membership or
affiliation requirements.

This year's ICAD will be organized along three principal
1    Auditory data representation (exploration of data via
2    Sound in immersive environments (virtual reality)
3    Auditory displays on the World Wide Web

Within these themes, there are three potential submissions:
*    Formal Papers
*    Project Reports
*    Informal, short "open mike" presentations

Note: There will be a strong preference for presentations
with sound.

Submissions should include a 4 page summary for the papers,
2 page summary for the Project Reports, and an abstract only
for the informal presentations. These must be received by
May 20, 1996. Notification of acceptance will be made by
July 15, 1996.

Submit 6 copies to:
ICAD Santa Fe Institute 1660 Old Pecos Trail, Suite A Santa
Fe, NM 87051



       Manuscript submission                     May 20, 1996

  Notification of review decisions               July 15, 1996

             Conference                       November 4-6, 1996


  Steve Frysinger, James Madison University
  Gregory Kramer, CLARITY, Santa Fe Institute
  Rich Gold, Xerox PARC
  Steve Frysinger, James Madison University
  Gregory Kramer, CLARITY, Santa Fe Institute
  Beth Wenzel, NASA Ames Research Center

              The Santa Fe Institute
The focus of the Santa Fe Institute is research on complex
systems. This work encompasses an extraordinary range of
topics normally studied in seemingly disparate fields.
Natural systems displaying complex adaptive behavior range
upwards from DNA through cells and evolutionary systems to
human societies. The dynamics of complex systems are
difficult to comprehend and even more difficult to
communicate. Data visualization--and more recently data
sonification--are emerging as crucial tools for the
comprehension and communication of complex systems data.
           Xerox Palo Alto Research Center
The Xerox Palo Alto Research Center (PARC) performs
pioneering research that covers a broad spectrum of research
fields ranging from electronic materials and device research
through computer-based systems and software, to research
into work practices and technologies in use. The center's
mission is to pursue those technologies that relate to
Xerox's current and emerging businesses.

Located in the Stanford University Industrial Park in the
heart of Silicon Valley, PARC was charged upon its founding
in 1970 to be the "architect of the information age." Since
then it has delivered into use such significant pieces of
the current information infrastructure as laser printers,
graphical user interfaces, object-oriented programming
languages, and Ethernet local area networks. PARC has
contributed to user interfaces, electronic components,
embedded software and architectures for each new line of
Xerox copiers, printers and systems reprographics products.
Address general inquiries to:

        Gregory Kramer
        Clarity/Santa Fe Institute
        310 NW Brynwood Lane
        Portland, OR 97229
        Fax: 503-292-4982

        Dr. Steven P. Frysinger
        James Madison University
        College of Integrated Science & Technology
        Harrisonburg, Virginia 22807
        Tel: 540/568-2710
        Fax: 540/568-2761
        Net: frysinsp@jmu.edu