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Further terms

Dear List,

Jont Allen has also brought to my attention that Harvey Fletcher also worked
with noise that stimulates all filters equally.  Dr. Fletcher appears not
to have coined a term (at least I couldn't find one in a quick glance through
the pages suggested by Jont), but it seems appropriate to mention his work in
this context.  The portion of the note from Jont attached below has more

-Bill Woods

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> From: Jont Allen <jba@research.att.com>
> To: Bill Woods <wsw@medi.physik.uni-oldenburg.de>
> Subject: Re:  Terminology
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> Approximately speaking, it is called pink noise. Fletcher generated
> such noise to do the critical band experiments in 1937 and 1938.
> The spectrum of the noise first appeard in JASA, Fig. 5, page 282,
> Vol 9, #4, April 1938. You can also find this figure in Fletcher's
> book. Look at the ASA edition on page 166, curve labled B_N.
> It is further discussed on pages 202-203.
> I would call it iso-masking noise or constant-masking noise.
> In fact I call it "constant masking" noise on page A25 of the
> ASA edition.
> jont