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Following Bill Hartmann's posting, a number of people have suggested that I
post more information about  my CD, and how to obtain it. The CD contains a
number of stereo illusions (the octave illusion and a variant, the scale
illusion and several variants), a 'mysterious melody' and a full experiment
(24 minutes) on the tritone paradox. It comes with a 32-page full-color
booklet, which describes and illustrates the illusions in detail. The
section on the tritone paradox contains score sheets, answer sheets, and a
detailed description for carrying out the experiment and analysing the
results. (This works well for classroom demonstration and homework

The price of the CD is $14.95 + $4.95 for tax, shipping and handling ($9.95
for shipping and handling to countries outside North America). (Price for
students is $11.95 + tax, shipping and handling).

To order, send a check or money order to:
Philomel Records, Inc., P.O. Box 12189, La Jolla, CA 92039-2189, U.S.A.

Checks in foreign currency are accepted. Visa, Mastercard, Discover,
American Express and Eurocard are accepted. (Make sure to include the
expiration date with the credit card number.)

Tel: 1-800-225-1228 (from within U.S.) 00-1-619-692-4561 ( from outside U.S.)
Fax: 1-619-453-4763 (from within U.S.) 00-1-619-453-4763 (from outside U.S.)

WWW:   http://www.philomel.com

I'd be interested in hearing from people who have run subjects using the CD!