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Re: wanted help.

Hi Ke,

> I want to get some standard speech database and only know an email
> accout of LDC where those databases may be available. Unfortunately,
> I have sent several mails to them but no response has not been
> available. As a result, I would appreciate it if anyone could help me
> acquire those database.
Whilst they've been good about responding in the past, I've had
problems getting through to the LDC recently too.

If you have WWW access, you might find it easiest to check out their pages:

Membership for non-profit-making institutions (which I think refers
primarily to academia, rather than to businesses having a hard time!
;-) is $2000 per annum, for which you get copies of all databases
released during that year.  At the moment "backdated" membership for
'93 and '94 is not available.

For the ones you're interested in:

Price   Set-of   Description                            Release Date
                                                        or Catalog #
 2500    1      KING Speaker Verification               LDC95S22

Price  Set-of   Description                             LDC Catalog #

  100   1       TIMIT                                   LDC93S1 (34)
  250   3       TIDIGITS                                LDC93S10 (12)
(also perhaps:
  250   2       NTIMIT                                  LDC93S2
  125   1       TI 46-Word                              LDC93S9  (31)

Best wishes,


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