ASA 126th Meeting Denver 1993 October 4-8

Papers in 5pSP - Speech Communications

  1. 5pSP1 Speech perception without audition.
  2. 5pSP2 Stimulus materials for audio-visual studies of attention and speech
  3. 5pSP3 Evaluating the articulation index for auditory-visual consonant
  4. 5pSP4 Abstract withdrawn.
  5. 5pSP5 Relationship between identification errors and spectral details of
  6. 5pSP6 Mutual dependence of octave-band contributions to speech
  7. 5pSP7 The separate contribution of head-shadow and binaural interactions
  8. 5pSP8 Effects of hearing differences on encoding and comparison
  9. 5pSP9 Speech recognition and frequency discrimination with the Ineraid
  10. 5pSP10 Speaker-independent recognition of children's words with minimal