ASA 126th Meeting Denver 1993 October 4-8

Papers in 5aUW - Underwater Acoustics

  1. 5aUW1 Implementation of generalized impedance boundary condition in the
  2. 5aUW2 Minimax rational approximations for the parabolic equation method.
  3. 5aUW3 Comparison of a parabolic equation model with Gaussian beam tracing
  4. 5aUW4 Modeling acoustic particle velocity in range-dependent environments
  5. 5aUW5 Long-range acoustic propagation in four dimensions.
  6. 5aUW6 Propagation and signal coherence in bottom-limited shallow water
  7. 5aUW7 A fast one-way normal mode propagation method.
  8. 5aUW8 New algorithm for calculating normal modes in broadband
  9. 5aUW9 Three-dimensional modeling of acoustic pulse propagation through
  10. 5aUW10 Factorization of propagator matrices for efficient computation of
  11. 5aUW11 Analysis of the acoustic field via spectral decomposition.
  12. 5aUW12 Frequency-dependent sound attenuation in the northeastern Pacific
  13. 5aUW13 Some observations of acoustic variability and array performance at
  14. 5aUW14 Shell function method incorporated ray representation for
  15. 5aUW15 The calculation of time domain signals in a waveguide with