ASA 126th Meeting Denver 1993 October 4-8

Papers in 5aPA - Physical Acoustics

  1. 5aPA1 Dispersive pulse propagation and group velocity.
  2. 5aPA2 Pulse-splitting in a nonlinear waveguide.
  3. 5aPA3 A multidimensional numerical algorithm to simulate the propagation
  4. 5aPA4 Propagation of transient waves in a random medium.
  5. 5aPA5 Connection between structural and statistical models of atmospheric
  6. 5aPA6 Comparisons of experimental measurements of sound propagation over
  7. 5aPA7 Determination of turbulent velocity correlations by the nonlinear
  8. 5aPA8 Calculation of average turbulence effects on sound propagation
  9. 5aPA9 Examination of sonic boom propagation through turbulence with ray
  10. 5aPA10 Comparison of measured and predicted pure tone propagation levels
  11. 5aPA11 Comparison between short-term and long-term averages of turbulence
  12. 5aPA12 Application of the CFFP to sound propagation in inhomogeneous
  13. 5aPA13 Low-frequency wind noise for a microphone inside a spherical foam
  14. 5aPA14 Sound propagation in inhomogeneous media above a ground with a
  15. 5aPA15 Measurements of focused, finite amplitude sound beams reflected
  16. 5aPA16 Measurements of finite amplitude pulses radiated by plane circular