ASA 126th Meeting Denver 1993 October 4-8

Papers in 5aNS - Noise

  1. 5aNS1 Crosswind effects on acoustic propagation.
  2. 5aNS2 Low-frequency sound waves associated with avalanches, atmospheric
  3. 5aNS3 Flare noise damage potential.
  4. 5aNS4 Low-frequency noise-induced vibration of housing structures.
  5. 5aNS5 The Lookup program for prediction of noise levels outdoors.
  6. 5aNS6 SoundProp---Fast, accurate prediction of sound propagation under
  7. 5aNS7 Finite element and finite difference models for the fast-field
  8. 5aNS8 Computation of turbulent boundary layer wall pressure spectra.
  9. 5aNS9 Acoustic intensity measurements in the presence of low Mach number
  10. 5aNS10 Active control of liquid-borne energy in a pipe with a
  11. 5aNS11 Active noise control applied to extended sources in a half-space.