ASA 126th Meeting Denver 1993 October 4-8

Papers in 4pUW - Underwater Acoustics

  1. 4pUW1 Serpentine array processing.
  2. 4pUW2 Large sets of frequency hopped codes with nearly ideal
  3. 4pUW3 Effective vertical aperture for three-dimensional arrays in shallow
  4. 4pUW4 Digital acoustic video image transmission system for deep-sea
  5. 4pUW5 Detection of a submerged object insonified by beach noise.
  6. 4pUW6 Time compression processing of M sequences from the Heard Island
  7. 4pUW7 Noise cancellation, environmental focusing, and source
  8. 4pUW8 Theoretical signal-to-noise gain formulas for energy signal
  9. 4pUW9 Signal-to-noise improvement for higher-order correlators with
  10. 4pUW10 Minimum entropy deconvolution of underwater acoustic transients.
  11. 4pUW11 The effects of a bottom-limited ocean on signal
  12. 4pUW12 Cross-spectral matrix estimation effects on adaptive beamforming.
  13. 4pUW13 Results on the identification of acoustic objects in motion from
  14. 4pUW14 Shallow water reverberation, signal motion loss, and acoustic
  15. 4pUW15 Spatial coherence measurement of sound in the northwest Pacific