ASA 126th Meeting Denver 1993 October 4-8

Papers in 4pSP - Speech Communications

  1. 4pSP1 Trade-off between burst cues and transition cues in the perception
  2. 4pSP2 Acoustics of perceptual centers in speech.
  3. 4pSP3 Perception of the [m]--[n] distinction in VC syllables produced by
  4. 4pSP4 A new masked spectrum representation applied to English /r/--/l/
  5. 4pSP5 The perceptual weighting of acoustic cues changes with linguistic
  6. 4pSP6 A mapping between trainable generalized properties and the acoustic
  7. 4pSP7 A speeded-discrimination task is used to examine processing
  8. 4pSP8 Dialect differences in vowel perception.
  9. 4pSP9 Production and perception of work-initial stops by Korean adults.
  10. 4pSP10 Consonant context affects perceived similarity of North German and
  11. 4pSP11 A dynamic model for the temporal properties of Swedish.
  12. 4pSP12 Acoustic correlates of the fortis/lenis contrast in Swiss German
  13. 4pSP13 Intelligibility of Mandarin speakers of English: Correlation of
  14. 4pSP14 Final stop devoicing in Polish: Incomplete neutralization.