ASA 126th Meeting Denver 1993 October 4-8

Papers in 4pSA - Structural Acoustics

  1. 4pSA1 Convolution formulation of leaky wave contributions to scattering
  2. 4pSA2 Retroflective backscattering of sound in water due to leaky waves
  3. 4pSA3 Scattering of waves from ribs on fluid-loaded plates.
  4. 4pSA4 Diffraction effects from the joining of two curved plates.
  5. 4pSA5 Traveling wave decomposition of surface displacements on a
  6. 4pSA6 Coupling and launching of supersonic waves in elastic shells.
  7. 4pSA7 Ray acoustic modeling of the surface fields of a submerged elastic
  8. 4pSA8 Response and radiated pressure Green's functions from a
  9. 4pSA9 Structural acoustics of cylindrical shells having multiple layers
  10. 4pSA10 Forward modeling of midfrequency wave propagation in shells.
  11. 4pSA11 Effects of internal attachment on sound scattering from
  12. 4pSA12 On the acoustic advantages of a helical-ring stiffener in a thin
  13. 4pSA13 Waves in a cylindrical shell stiffened by a helical rib.
  14. 4pSA14 Response of submerged cylindrical shells with internals to an
  15. 4pSA15 Echoes from a submerged spherical elastic shell coupled to an