ASA 126th Meeting Denver 1993 October 4-8

Papers in 4pPP - Psychological & Physiological Acoustics

  1. 4pPP1 Relation invariance of expressive microstructure in music
  2. 4pPP2 Perception of just-noticeable time displacement of a tone presented
  3. 4pPP3 A psychological experiment on quantitative judgment for
  4. 4pPP4 The interaction of pitch, harmonics, and the equal loudness curves
  5. 4pPP5 Pitch center of musical sounds with vibrato.
  6. 4pPP6 Effects of vibrato and vowel matching on choral blend: A
  7. 4pPP7 The tritone paradox and speakers' voice range: A dubious
  8. 4pPP8 A regional difference within the United States in perception of the