ASA 126th Meeting Denver 1993 October 4-8

Papers in 4pED - Acoustics Education

  1. 4pED1 Acoustics laboratory experiments for all levels.
  2. 4pED2 Introductory acoustics laboratory experiments.
  3. 4pED3 Laboratory experiments in the acoustics course at the U. S. Naval
  4. 4pED4 Undergraduate experiments for duct acoustics and wind instruments.
  5. 4pED5 A simple demonstration of impedance matching in driven resonant
  6. 4pED6 The acoustical waveguide.
  7. 4pED7 Linearized least-squares data analysis.
  8. 4pED8 A simple water-filled compliant-tube calibrator.
  9. 4pED9 Continuing development of the acoustics laboratory at the Cooper
  10. 4pED10 A one-year acoustics laboratory course at UCSD.
  11. 4pED11 Laboratory experiments on the interaction of an air jet with a
  12. 4pED12 MultiSensory Sound Lab for Educational and therapeutic
  13. 4pED13 Vibration analysis of an alpine ski.