ASA 126th Meeting Denver 1993 October 4-8

Papers in 4aSP - Speech Communications

  1. 4aSP1 Text normalization and ambiguity resolution in speech synthesis.
  2. 4aSP2 Text analysis for speech synthesis.
  3. 4aSP3 Prosodic variation for text-to-speech synthesis.
  4. 4aSP4 GEST: A computational model of speech production using dynamically
  5. 4aSP5 Segmental aspects of speech synthesis.
  6. 4aSP6 New directions for research on the perceptual evaluation of
  7. 4aSP7 An algorithm for generating phrase boundaries for the automatic
  8. 4aSP8 Acoustics and synthesis of nasalization.
  9. 4aSP9 A diagnostic text-to-speech intelligibility test.