ASA 126th Meeting Denver 1993 October 4-8

Papers in 3aSA - Structural Acoustics

  1. 3aSA1 Reciprocity theorem for oscillations of inhomogeneous elastic
  2. 3aSA2 Approximate traveling wave solution for impulsively perturbed
  3. 3aSA3 Localization and delocalization in the response of a beaded string.
  4. 3aSA4 Vibration damping of large structures induced by attached small
  5. 3aSA5 Application of the Wiener--Hopf technique to the scattering of
  6. 3aSA6 Accurate finite element methods for fluid-loaded plates.
  7. 3aSA7 A spectral description for the effects of multiple point masses in
  8. 3aSA8 The exterior acoustic modes of structures.
  9. 3aSA9 Focusing of sound power flow for sound incident on a structure in
  10. 3aSA10 A comparison of structural intensity formulations.
  11. 3aSA11 The characteristics of the radiated noise from open grid and
  12. 3aSA12 Active control of sound power using acoustic basis functions.
  13. 3aSA13 A regression-based approach for simulating feedforward active
  14. 3aSA14 Feedforward control with the higher-harmonic, time-averaged,
  15. 3aSA15 Active structural acoustic control with broadband disturbances and
  16. 3aSA16 Design of feedforward ASAC systems by eigenfunction assignment.
  17. 3aSA17 Adaptive control of bending wave intensity in a finite beam.