ASA 126th Meeting Denver 1993 October 4-8

Papers in 2pSP - Speech Communications

  1. 2pSP1 Use of explicit duration models in speech recognition.
  2. 2pSP2 A corpus-based model of interstress timing and structure.
  3. 2pSP3 Speech recognition using hidden Markov models with multiple-track
  4. 2pSP4 Duration modeling with hidden Markov models.
  5. 2pSP5 High-resolution and efficient multiple-string hypothesization using
  6. 2pSP6 Context-dependent acoustic subword modeling for connected digit
  7. 2pSP7 On the automatic classification of pitch movements.
  8. 2pSP8 Artificial conversational speech signal generation method for
  9. 2pSP9 A speech separation algorithm that is robust to reverberation.