ASA 126th Meeting Denver 1993 October 4-8

Papers in 2pNS - Noise

  1. 2pNS1 Development of a new hearing protector test standard---Overview of
  2. 2pNS2 Why users need accurate real-world estimates of hearing protector's
  3. 2pNS3 Results of the S12 Working Group 11 interlaboratory study to
  4. 2pNS4 Hearing protector attenuation from subject-fit methods at the work
  5. 2pNS5 Sample size necessary to provide acceptable reproducibility in
  6. 2pNS6 Comparison of WG11 study variability to that of other
  7. 2pNS7 A discussion of WG11's anthropometric data with comparison to other
  8. 2pNS8 Measuring the performance of circumaural hearing protectors and