ASA 126th Meeting Denver 1993 October 4-8

Papers in 2aSP - Speech Communications

  1. 2aSP1 Aerodynamic and acoustic changes following intensive voice therapy
  2. 2aSP2 The effect of intensive voice therapy on speech and voice deficits
  3. 2aSP3 Spectral myoelectric analysis of thyroarytenoid activity in normal
  4. 2aSP4 Quantitative analyses of thyroarytenoid activity in spasmodic
  5. 2aSP5 Comparison between clinician-assisted and computer-assisted methods
  6. 2aSP6 A microcomputer-based clinical voice aerodynamic measurement
  7. 2aSP7 Speech input for dysarthric users.
  8. 2aSP8 Phonatory instability in ALS dysarthria: A case study.
  9. 2aSP9 Acoustic analysis and synthesis of pathological voice qualities.
  10. 2aSP10 Measurement accuracy of the Glottal Enterprises pneumotach system.
  11. 2aSP11 A two-tap pitch predictor for measuring voice aperiodicity noise