ASA 126th Meeting Denver 1993 October 4-8

Papers in 2aPAb - Physical Acoustics

  1. 2aPAb1 On statistical fluctuations in single scattering by an ensemble of
  2. 2aPAb2 Locating two uncorrelated sound sources with two vector
  3. 2aPAb3 Nonscattering of sound by sound: Exact second-order transient
  4. 2aPAb4 The FDTD method for ultrasound pulse propagation through a
  5. 2aPAb5 Scattering by a layered poroelastic obstacle embedded in a
  6. 2aPAb6 Green's functions for wave propagation in range-dependent
  7. 2aPAb7 Performance analysis of transient acoustic wave modeling using
  8. 2aPAb8 Computational and experimental investigation of time-shift
  9. 2aPAb9 Acoustic band structure in liquids and gases---fcc pattern with
  10. 2aPAb10 Photonic band gaps in periodic elastic composites 2-D hexagonal
  11. 2aPAb11 Coupled wave equations for numerical calculation of acoustical
  12. 2aPAb12 First-order acoustical wave equations and scattering by
  13. 2aPAb13 The study of the influence of boundary layer effect upon the