ASA 126th Meeting Denver 1993 October 4-8

Papers in 2aPAa - Physical Acoustics

  1. 2aPAa1 Optimal heat-driven thermoacoustic refrigeration: The beer cooler
  2. 2aPAa2 Modular thermoacoustic refrigerator.
  3. 2aPAa3 Performance of a thermoacoustic refrigerator with an improved
  4. 2aPAa4 Thermodynamic performance of a high-power thermoacoustic
  5. 2aPAa5 Effective heat transfer between a thermoacoustic heat exchanger
  6. 2aPAa6 Experimental heat exchanger performance in a thermoacoustic prime
  7. 2aPAa7 CFC-free refrigeration: Thermoacoustic technology-design,
  8. 2aPAa8 Analysis of a thermoacoustics prime mover above onset of
  9. 2aPAa9 Thermoacoustic termination for a traveling wave tube.
  10. 2aPAa10 Dynamics of a dual-driver acoustic resonator and control system
  11. 2aPAa11 Cooling effect introduced by acoustic streaming.
  12. 2aPAa12 Convective heat transfer from a sphere due to acoustic streaming.
  13. 2aPAa13 Preliminary investigation of high amplitude standing waves with