ASA 126th Meeting Denver 1993 October 4-8

Papers in 2aAO - Acoustical Oceanography

  1. 2aAO1 The fine scale oceanography of the Arctic Ocean: Doppler acoustic
  2. 2aAO2 Tomographic measurements of frontal variability in the Barents Sea.
  3. 2aAO3 Observations of acoustic scattering associated with ocean
  4. 2aAO4 Physical oceanographic and acoustical results from the 1988--89
  5. 2aAO5 Identification and arrival time estimation of bandpass modes and
  6. 2aAO6 Modal inversion for bottom sound-speed profile in shallow Arctic
  7. 2aAO7 Broadband geoacoustic inversion in shallow Arctic water.
  8. 2aAO8 Numerical modeling of long-range low-frequency propagation in