ASA 126th Meeting Denver 1993 October 4-8

Papers in 1pSP - Speech Communications

  1. 1pSP1 Voice simulation with a three-mass model of the vocal folds.
  2. 1pSP2 Analysis of rough voice from a nonlinear dynamics point of view.
  3. 1pSP3 Phonation threshold pressure in a physical model of the vocal
  4. 1pSP4 Noninvasive phonation threshold pressure estimates: Some
  5. 1pSP5 Laryngeal resistance of an in vivo canine model of phonation with a
  6. 1pSP6 A study of pulsatile airflow in the excised larynx model.
  7. 1pSP7 The effect of gas density on glottal vibration and exit jet
  8. 1pSP8 The role of importance sampling in the establishment of normal
  9. 1pSP9 Speech production: Thirty years after.
  10. 1pSP10 Motor equivalence in the transformation from vocal-tract
  11. 1pSP11 Formant sensitivity in the vocal tract.
  12. 1pSP12 Gradation of jaw perturbation effects on mandibular, labial, and
  13. 1pSP13 Inferring articulator positions from acoustics: An electromagnetic
  14. 1pSP14 Duration aspects in manner of articulation distinctions.
  15. 1pSP15 The 3-D-tongue FEM model revised.
  16. 1pSP16 MRI measurements and acoustic investigation of the nasal and